Aerial Imagery Solutions, LLC

Aerial Imagery Solutions, LLC
Bill Stocks
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Partner with the best!  AIS provides high-quality, precision aerial imagery. We have partnered with the experienced agronomists at Crop IMS, an agricultural data management company, and with SST Software, a global leader in agriculture software development and information services.

Custom Solutions
Water management issues?  Weed escape?  Input misapplications?  Nitrogen deficiencies?  Spend less time scouting for issues.  We can show you proven applications of aerial imagery and will custom tailor imagery for your needs…whether it’s pre-plant, growth season or harvest.

  • Digital Photography
  • Color (RGB) Images
  • Color Infrared (CIR) Images
  •  Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Maps

Field Intelligence

An Independent source for a 2nd opinion for your farming needs not based on programs or sales incentives.


  • A higher level of Field Intelligence; thorough field scouting.

Not relying on a combine inspection in the fall to guesstimate success or failure on production efforts.


  • Keeping you ahead of the curve and well informed while you attend to farming operations.


  • Nothing left for speculation;

 Checking your fields on a timely schedule to keep you informed as to in-season activities


Timely recommendations and management in and out of season will make you money!

  1. Identifying a problem before it effects your bottom line
  2. Timely treatment of a problem that can keep you from a loss or maximize profit.
  3. Recommending management of a problem previously left unchecked that increases your bottom line of profit season to season.
  4. Evaluating input needs such as soil fertility, hybrid traits, seeding rates, seed treatments, herbicide and insecticide needs prior to planting.
  5. Summarizing management needs and inputs for next season’s efforts in a report.



  • 24/7 accessPart of our job is to keep you informed of what’s developing in products, technology, and management practices. We are always available.
  • A second source for record keeping and documentation in season, and post.




Farm Business Consulting

CropIMS is unique in the fact that we are independent and have the ability to work with growers and retail businesses alike.  CropIMS has experience working with several agriculture entities, such as large land owners, cooperate farms, crop insurance companies, and crop input suppliers.

The agriculture industry is changing fast and agriculture businesses must adapt quickly to stay ahead of the curve.  CropIMS can make sure that your business is using the latest technology and software to make a professional product for your customers.  With a fast paced industry employee turnover is enviable.  CropIMS can assist an ag business with precision ag services and nutrient management services which takes away the burden of training new staff every couple years.  We offer many services and do not have set program since each ag business situation is unique in the way they go to market.  We can handle the task from start to finish and allow for rebranding our products.

CropIMS is working in most states where agriculture production is taking place. Chances are we are working in area close to you.   We use the latest wireless data transfer processes to move data to the desired location. CropIMS is also willing to travel to work with agriculture business to train employees or growers on proper monitor operations and data collection.  By being nonbiased to any equipment brand or manufacturer CropIMS has experience with most agriculture monitors and data types. 


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About Us


Crop IMSSM was formed by a group of five investors with a vision to create an independent, third-party resource that growers could turn to for accurate, unbiased crop production information. As the company grew, we also gained purchasing power and a voice in the precision ag industry. Not only can we secure more attractive equipment prices, but manufacturers now integrate our field observations into the products they develop.

Because we’re not connected to a retail organization, we don’t approach our customers with an agenda. Our goal is to objectively analyze your situation and make recommendations that best fit your needs. We will evaluate your existing technology, discuss your production goals, and recommend any additional components needed to maximize the effectiveness of your current system, if necessary.

Though we aren’t affiliated with any single manufacturer, we do sell the finest technology and equipment from industry leaders such as Ag Leader®, Topcon Precision Ag, Juniper Systems, SST, RAM Mounting Systems, and Ag Cam. We’re also very comfortable with systems from John Deere, Case IH, and Agco.

With support staff located from Wisconsin to Kentucky, Crop IMS is ready to serve producers throughout the Corn Belt.




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Contact Us

Call Us: (217) 342-5063
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.O. Box 629
Effingham, IL 62401