Wheat Management Service


Wheat Management Service
Profitable wheat production requires planning, field scouting, and timely management decisions. Crop IMSSM exists to help you make the proper management decisions before and after you plant your crop.

Our wheat management services include:

  • Planning: A critical component for success! Contract us early so we can make a difference.
  • Variety selection: We will assist you with one of the most important production decisions you will make.
  • Field selection, planting date, crop rotation, and tillage: We will analyze which fields offer the best overall opportunity for maximum production and discuss our recommendations with you.
  • Planter calibration: An absolutely critical component to success. If contracted in time, Crop IMS will take care of this step.
  • Seed treatment: A fungicide is recommended on all wheat seed.
  • Pre-plant fertility: Sound fertility levels are required. We’ll discuss your fertility needs with you.
  • Execution: Timely scouting and treatment is key during crop development!
  • Pre-plant weed control: Proper burndown recommendations are made prior to planting.
  • Stand establishment evaluation: You’ll know the results of your planting efforts as Crop IMS consultants monitor your fields.
  • Aphids, BYDV, and Scout & Treat: With Crop IMS on your acres, you won’t need an insecticide seed treatment at planting. We will scout your fields on a regular basis and make field-by-field insecticide recommendations as needed.
  • Nitrogen recommendations in season: We’ll work with you to determine spring nitrogen application timing, form, delivery, and amount.
  • Weed management in season: Winter annual broadleaf infestations will be monitored and timely treatment recommended.
  • Disease management in season: Leaf disease and head scab are monitored and treated as the season and variety dictate.
  • Insect management in season: Aphids aren’t the only threat. We’ll watch for all potential insect pests to fully protect your crop.


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